Master Health check up

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Master Health Checkup

Life style diseases are now the leading cause of death around the world, with developing countries hit hardest, according to a new report from the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is rightly said: Let our advance worrying becomes advance thinking and planning.

With health care costs hitting double digit inflation year on year, planning for your health care needs is essential. It is about bringing the future into the present and taking actions now

Every option is worth considering while making a choice to ensure that it’s made right. Leave your burdens behind, by protecting you and your family and enjoy the gift of life, for, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Protect yourself from unforeseen medical emergencies today

Nothing in this world is more precious than your health. To preserve this priceless possession, a timely Preventive Health Checkup should be undertaken. A complete Health Checkup will help you to keep illness away and minimize risk factors to your health.

Keeping this in view, we at Micro Health Care aim at moving beyond the age old concept of Lab – patient relationship, to that of being your partner in healthcare. With our comprehensive Health checkup programs we are well on our way to achieve this goal.

Micro Health Care, the single largest Laboratory facility in Qatar offers comprehensive Health Care Packages to suit your varied needs. We have designed exclusive packages for men and women considering their screening packages. All relevant investigations will be carried out, processed and reports will be given in time.

Why Preventive Health Checkup?

Prevention is the key to good health. Regular preventive health checkups can detect and diagnose fatal diseases, which otherwise may lay hidden for a long period inside the body.

  • Even healthy people get sick and are at health risk

  • You smoke, drink or don't exercise

  • Your family may have history of cardiac diseases, diabetes or cancer

  • You deserve a healthy gift for you & your family

  • You did not get a check up done for a long time

The Master Health Check up plays an important role in preventive medicine. Micro Health Care has an excellent record for thorough and cost-effective investigations. Cutting edge equipment and well-trained technicians help in the early detection of the disease. Today people from every part of Qatar flock to this facility. Here all medical reports are given on shortest turnaround time than any other laboratory in Qatar with a complete explanation. Micro Health care follow a standard protocol in doing all the investigations and completing them within a stipulated time.

If researches done in the past few years have to be believed, the times of today are very stressful and people of all ages have become prone to various kinds of diseases. It is extremely important to ensure health well-being from time to time

For Whom: For individuals, male and female, between the age of 25 years and 75 years are eligible for Master Health Checkups.

Today, a large number of chronic diseases are inflicting the health of people living in modern society. Some common examples include diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke and cancer. Most of these problems do not show any symptoms in the initial stage. Therefore, most people face severe complications when the problem grows bigger.

The Master Health Checkups - aim at detecting and correcting the necessary problems during the silent phase.  These health packages have been designed to reduce the cost of medical treatments with early diagnosis. These Master Health Checkups offers a series of tests that are based on the screening tests and have been proved valuable. The package also includes 2 follow up visits and diet counselling. Make a note that you must come for check-up with an empty stomach.