Chairman’s Message

During the last decade, Qatar had witnessed an incredible and dynamic growth not only in its economy but also in every other aspect. As a result of the rapid financial growth; opportunities amplified since the population has been rising so fast. Until few years back, the healthcare at Qatar were very much confined with the state owned public health sector. However it becomes hard for the government to cater proper healthcare service for all the people coming to Qatar due to the vast population growth and as a result, many private owned and semi government organizations came up with new healthcare institutions. Micro Health Laboratories was also one among them. It was a joint venture of two well known groups, a Qatari company and an Indian diagnostic healthcare group; Company of Jassim Bin Ahmed Bin Khalifa Al Thani & Sons and Micro Laboratories. The pace of change in healthcare is fast. We, Micro Health Laboratories do realize the importance of meeting and exceeding expectations of our patients and referring physicians for comprehensive diagnostic laboratory services. Every plan we make, every action we implement, is driven by the desire for accuracy, precision, rapidity and cost effectiveness. A fundamental part in our quest for quality is the constant investment in our staffs, and technologies. We continue to focus on having market leading facilities, which is essential to fulfill our aim to provide the highest standard of quality in medical laboratory diagnosis.




Jassim Bin Ahmed Bin Khalifa Al Thani
Micro Healthcare Group